The other day, I discovered myself wanting – as I typically do – at my watch. This day was a bit totally different than different days nevertheless, as I was in a very introspective temper. The subject of my statement was my classic Omega Seamaster.

vintage omega seamaster

Early Perspex was used for the insert, which might increase and retract with warmth and finally break. Adding a ‘lighter’ NOS bracelet ref. 1171 completed this restoration. The first technology Seamaster 300, with straight lugs, skinny black bezel insert and ‘broad arrow’ hands, was replaced in 1963/1964 by the now properly-recognized Seamaster 300 ST 165.024. It featured a case very similar to the Omega Speedmaster of the era.

Black Gilt Dial Omega Classic Steel 30mm Calatrava

From a really early stage this played a pioneering function within the mass manufacturing of watches. The Omega Omega Seamaster was created as a sturdy yet elegant timepiece that might serve its wearers “in the metropolis and on the water”. Over the years, it has turn out to be an expert diver’s watch utilized by many famous adventurers and explorers.

The Seamaster 600 Ploprof and Seamaster one thousand adopted a few years later. These skilled diving watches made waves with their spectacular depth scores of 600 m and 1,000 m , respectively, and the Ploprof 600 has developed a cult following due to its unconventional design. The Seamaster Chronograph ST 145.0023 comes from the same interval. Fans have dubbed this model “Darth Vader” thanks to its angular black case made from tungsten.

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